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Frequently Asked Questions
+ What makes PicturePunches different?
Here are some of the features that makes our website different:
+ How do I make money?
Each picture have an ad below it. For every view of the ad, not the picture, you get credit.
+ Is subscribing limited to users?
No. Not only can you subscribe to your favorite user, you can also subscribe to your favorite tags and wars.
+ What can I do with the points I earned?
You can redeem your current points to get your picture to the front page of the website.
+ How can I earn points?
You can earn points from the three following activities:
  1. Uploading a picture: 20 points
  2. Commenting or replying: 10 points
  3. Rating a picture: 5 points
+ How should I avoid getting banned?
Here are some of the activites that will get you banned: