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Rules of PicturePunches

Following the rules makes better user experience for you and other users. It will also prevent you from getting banned from the website.

The following activities will get you blocked:
  • Uploading adult content including nude and violent pictures.
  • Creating more than 3 accounts. You are only allowed to create 3 accounts maximum.
  • Uploading spammy pictures only for making money, like low quality pictures, or the same picture more than once.
The following activities will get you suspended for 7 days:
  • Selecting the wrong language for the pictures you upload.

The rules of the website gets changed every now and then. So make sure that you com back when ever possible to read the rules. We will send you an email everytime we update the rules so make sure that you provide us with a valid email address that you use. We won't spam you with email.