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Rules of PicturePunches
The following will get you blocked:
  • Uploading adult content like nude pictures.
  • Uploading racist pictures and offending them.
  • Uploading content without the consent of the people in the picture.
  • Uploading offensive content and hurting other people.
  • Uploading pictures that are not in English.
If you want to get featured and hand picked do the following:
  • Upload an awesome cover for your profile.
  • Write funny or descriptive captions with the pictures you upload.
  • Selecting the right category. Learn more about categories below.
  • Upload high quality pictures.
  • You must have at least 10 pictures to get hand picked.
The following will get removed from hand picked:
  • Uploading pictures with water marked.
  • Marking a picture original when it's not original.
  • Marking a picture safe for work when it's not safe for work.
  • Uploading low quality pictures.
  • Uploading not funny pictures (Meaning a picture must have an attempt at humor).
For better user experience do the following:
  • Subscribe to users who make you laugh.
  • Subscribe to categories that you know about and would like to see content from.
  • Write funny comments on pictures and reply to comments from other users.
  • Take advantage of the War area by uploading and participating in them.
How to select a category:
  • It is better to select a premade category.
  • Select the joke topic not what is in the picture, unless it is related.
  • Search all categories before you upload to make sure that you select the right category.
  • If the person is popular like Donald Trump, write his first and last name.
  • If you could not find a category for BMW, for example, select a more general term, like cars.
  • Write plural terms like cars instead of car or celebrities instead of celebrity.